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Is Netflix Considered Technology? -
Netflix itself is not a technology, but it uses technology.
Using a technology (electrical generation, satellite transmission, etc.) is not a technology itself. It is an application of technology to provide a service.In the same way driving to woks by driving a car is not technology in itself, but that application of a technology to an end.
Yes Netflix is also a form of technology. Netflix a satellite TV service provider. Satellite TV is also a form of technology.
Would a calculator be considered technology?
Yes, dirspider calculators would be considered technology, though they are early technology.
How well has Netflix customer support been reviewed by it`s users?
The Netflix consent and customer support is considered to be the most successful online movie rental site, and all of their services are considered to be paramount and of world class quality.
Is a dirt bike considered technology?
Yes, a dirt bike is considered technology because it is a motor powered vehicle like a car: thus being considered technology or an advance in intelligence.
Are lights considered as technology?
Technically, the first piece of technology in this world was the wheel. Anything that mankind has developed since, is a technology that helps with the daily tasks. So yes, they are considered technology
What websites can you download tv shows from?
Netflix and iTunes. Many other websites are considered illegal in the States.
What is a true statement about the cost of technology?
cost must be considered when designing technology
Founder of information technology?
Prakash ARPANET could be considered the founding technology behind contemporary Information Technology.
Is The Thirteenth Year on Netflix?
No, the Thirteenth Year is currently not available for streaming or for DVD rental on Netflix. The film released in 1999 never had a giant distribution for availability and any DVD or VHS is considered extremely rare.
Deffernce between communication technology and information technology?
Communication technology is considered to be the niche of information technology which deals specifically with telecommunication and networking. website
How are Computers considered science?
Cause of technology !
Are Inkjet printers considered legacy technology?
No, they are not.
Why Mayan technology is considered more advanced than the technology of the taino and kalinago?
it is the ateage thing
Is spoon a technology?
Yes, it is a mechanical solution to a problem. Anything which could be considered a tool is technology
Is monsters university on Netflix?
Yes, it is. It isn`t on Netflix US, but it is on Netflix Sweden/Norway/Finland, as well as on Netflix Netherlands.
Is twilight on Netflix instant?
no not on Netflix Instant only available on dvd from netflix.
Are compasses included as technology?
Of course they are. At this point they are not considered cutting edge, but they are most definitely a kind of technology.
Does Netflix suck?
Netflix does not suck!
Does a PS3 have Netflix?
Yes there is netflix
Is a car considered as technology?
of course (yes) :D
Is music technology?
Yeah.... in a way... technology is always expanding... and certain types of things in music can be considered technology... so yeah that`s a yes....
When does Despicable Me come out on Netflix instant streaming on Netflix?
There is no schedule when netflix gets new releases.
Who is the publisher of Netflix?
Apple Inc. bought netflix last week from the indepentant Netflix Inc.
What are the best Netflix rentals?
There are many good Netflix rentals. You can go to Netflix and look through them.
Is Netflix free with a Xbox gold account?
No, Netflix is free to download (the application to access Netflix itself) but people have to have a Netflix subscription in order to use their services.
Is technology considered one of the factors of production?
Yes technology is one of the factors of production. The use of technology helps saves time and human hour. Technology also helps saves cost.
How do you get Netflix on your iPod touch?
There is a Netflix app.
Does Hannah Montana have a Netflix?
no, she hates netflix
What is the population of Netflix?
The population of Netflix is 2,011.
When was tecnolagy made?
Technology was never made at any specific point. For example , The discovery of fire can be considered a technology advancement just as well as the invention of the I-Pod can be considered a advancement in the ever changing landscape of the technology outpour. So to answer your question technology was never made it will always be changing long after you and I have passed away.
Is Netflix included in xbox gold subscription?
You have acces to use netflix, but you have to pay for netflix as a seperate service.
Is Netflix on the intendo Wii?
Netflix is available on the Nintendo Wii. I love watching Netflix through my Wii.
How to log in to netflix?
You can use your email address and password to sign into Netflix through an app or at the Netflix website.
When was the first piece of technology made?
Technology differs from time to time and place to place. The first hammer can be considered technology. When an ape uses a stick to get ants from an ant hill that can be considered technology. The use of the sail, the compass, and the wheel were all technology and new in their time. As you can see there is no answer to this because man has developed what he needed from thousands of years ago...
Why is television considered technology?
Television is not something that occurs naturally in the environment; it has been created through various man made facets so as to operate in the way it does. Everything that is man made so as to perform a function could be described as technology. A wheel for, example, could be considered a primitive early technology as it was created by man to perform a function. Nowadays everything from your computer to your I-Pod could be...
Is Sir Francis Bacon considered the father of modern technology?
No No No!
Who is considered a pioneer in the field of technology?
Marvin Minsky is the pioneer of field technology. He advocated how machine could be endowed used with common sense. His technology reign in Europe.
When will Rio be on Netflix?
Netflix gets movies 1 week after the DVD is released not much point in buying the DVD if you have Netflix I use to work for Netflix I know with these type movies
How do you get a free trial of Netflix on Xbox 360?
By visiting and signing up on the Netflix website you can get a free month of Netflix.
Is dance moms on the Wii Netflix?
No, it is not on the wii Netflix or regular Netflix (by regular I mean computer,ps3,etc)
Who is the CEO of Netflix?
Reed Hastings is the CEO of Netflix.
Where are the Netflix commercials made?
the netflix commercials are in Britain
Does PS3 have Netflix?
Yes, the PlayStation 3 does have Netflix.
Is Netflix available in Australia?
No, Netflix is not available in Australia.
Is there something like Netflix in Australia?
Yes, there is. Netflix
Is a 1000 ways to die on Netflix?
yea is on netflix.
When will the tv show oz be on Netflix?
when will Oz be on netflix
Is Netflix available in India?
No, Netflix is not available in India.
How do you log out of Netflix on a 3ds?
You got to uninstall netflix
Is the Corpse Bride on Netflix?
corpse bride is on netflix
Is Agent Cody Banks on 2013 Netflix?
no, it is not on netflix.
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